Established in 1994, our essence is best captured by the phrase “The Right to Choose”, that freedom is based on the belief that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be promoted by recognizing the free expression of the gifts of the Spirit as a viable part of the Body of Christ. The Fellowship is convinced that the choice to exercise these spiritual gifts is imperative for the local New Testament Church to fully function as the dynamic organism God has intended.




  • We believe in the spirit-filled life as desirable, valuable, and an issue of obedience for all Believers who are commanded to be filled with the Holy Ghost. We acknowledge that within the Body of Christ, the term, “filled with the Holy Ghost” is often used interchangeably with the term, “baptism of the Holy Ghost.” When referring to the controlling presence and power of the Holy Ghost, as a result of the submissive will and desire of the Believer, we allow such alternation of terms. We believe it is the will and command of God that every Believer be “filled,” “walk in,” be “led by,” and “live in” the power of the Holy Ghost.

    EPHESIANS 5:18; GALATIANS 5:16, 18, 25
  • We believe in the perpetual and continuing ecclesiastical value of all spiritual gifts for the edification of the body of Christ until the end of this Church Age, which will be consummated by the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    EPHESIANS 4:11-13, 1 CORINTHIANS 12-14; ROMANS 12
  • We believe in the Divine personhood of the Holy Spirit and His present-day ministry to Believers, including the sovereign distribution of spiritual gifts, which empowers Believers for service in the Contemporary Church.

    1 CORINTHIANS 12:7-11
  • We believe in Jesus Christ as the Sovereign Giver of spiritual gifts to the church. We further believe spiritual gifts are given for the perfecting of the Saints, for work of the ministry, and for the edifying of the Body of Christ and are given without regard to ethnicity, social class, or gender.

    EPHESIANS 4:7-12; GALATIANS 3:26-28
  • We believe in the full autonomy of the local church as an independent entity under the Lordship of Christ, through pastoral authority, with regards to: A) government, polity, and operations, B) discipline, and C) with the added value of the Episcopacy as a covering.

    TITUS 1:5; ACTS 15:1 – 35, 1 CORINTHIANS 5:5; MATTHEW 18:15-17; 2 THESSALONIANS 3:6, 14-15, TITUS 1: 5; ACTS 15:1-35
  • We believe in the value of biblical terminology for leadership in the contemporary church: Bishop, Overseer, Pastor, Minister, Elder, and Deacon. We believe all of these are designations for servant-leaders.

    JEREMIAH 3:15; ACTS 20:28; 2 CORINTHIANS 6:4; 1 TIMOTHY 3:1-7
  • We believe in the formal and intentional praise and worship of Almighty God as a proper, spirit-led, corporate acknowledgement and response to His person and work.

    PSALM 46-50; JOHN 4:23, 24
  • We believe in Jesus Christ as the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, who brings men and women at salvation into relationship with Himself and His Body, the Church. We further believe that it is the baptism of the Holy Ghost that places one into the Body of Christ. All Believers have been baptized by Christ with the Holy Ghost.

    MATTHEW 3:11; JOHN 1:33; 1 CORINTHIANS 12:13
  • We believe in the indwelling of the Holy Ghost for all Believers and that the Holy Ghost verifies and validates the Believer as part of the Body of Christ.

    ROMANS 8:9
  • We believe that it is God’s desire that all Believers live under the “Divine Direction” of the Holy Ghost. We believe that the filling of the Holy Ghost is an ongoing ministry of the Spirit in the life of the Believer, that enables the Believer to live a life of power, victory, and glory to God.

    ACTS 1:8, 2:4, 4:8, 4:31
  • We believe the Holy Ghost fills or empowers Believers for service in the Kingdom of God. Being filled with the Holy Ghost is the result of continuing submission to Divine power and control.

    ACTS 1:8; EPHESIANS 5:18
  • We believe all Believers are baptized with the Holy Ghost and all Believers should be filled with the Holy Ghost.



Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.


Full Gospel Founder Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. was born in Canada but was destined to move to the United States. God had a special calling on his life that extended far beyond the Canadian borders.

Bishop Joseph Walker III

Bishop Joseph Walker III

Presiding Bishop

Bishop Walker currently serves as the International Presiding Bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, International. In July 2013, he was chosen to succeed Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.


    Meet our Executive Cabinet and get a sneak peek into their lives outside of ministry.

  • Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III

    Bishop Joseph Warren Walker, III serves as the pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee, as well as the International Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. He has published nine books; his latest book and workbook is entitled, RESET Your Life: Make A New Start, where he explains how the eight “R’s” (Reset, Return, Review and Recalculate, Reclaim, Redirect, Reinvigorate and Revive, Reinvest, and Reinvent) will revolutionize your relationship with God. He is married to the former Dr. Stephaine Hale, who is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Neonatology at Vanderbilt University. With all of their combined accomplishments, they both agree that their most joyous accomplishment to date has been the birth of their daughter, Jovanni Willow Walker, who was born in May of 2012.

  • Bishop Edward H. Stephens, Jr.

    Bishop Ed Stephens describes himself as an innovator with a passion for growth. He admires Dr. Sam Chand, and strives to leave a legacy of a solid foundation for his sons to stand on and build upon. He enjoys travelling with his family, particularly to destinations where they can have fun as a family. In his spare time, Bishop Stephens enjoys working out to upbeat gospel music and watching suspenseful action movies. If he had not become a pastor, he says that he would be working in the sales and marketing industry.

  • Bishop Lester Love

    Bishop Lester Love describes himself in one word: love. He strives to leave a legacy of being the kindest man that people ever met. Bishop Love admires a diverse set of talented men, including Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, and R. Kelly, and enjoys cooking everyone’s favorite dishes with his loved ones. In his spare time, Bishop Love enjoys watching gangster movies and working out to Notorious B.I.G. If Bishop Love had not become a pastor, he would have been a politician with his eyes set on the White House.

  • Bishop Darryl Brister

    Bishop Darryl Brister describes himself as a Christian first, then a husband, father and king-maker. Speaking of his kings, he strives to build his legacy as one who has made, raised, developed, and released his kings. Bishop Brister admires Denzel Washington, and enjoys watching action movies and comedies, working out to classic hip-hop artists, including Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G, playing Spades, and taking road trips. If he had not become a pastor, Bishop Brister says that he would be an author, college professor, or perhaps a comedy club owner.

  • Bishop Cheryl McBride Brown

    Bishop Cheryl Brown describes herself as a worshipper who obeys God’s word, and seeks to leave a legacy as one who lived what she preached. When she is not pastoring, she enjoys traveling with her family, cooking, and watching murder mysteries and Star Trek movies. If she had not become a pastor, Bishop Brown says that she would be a stand-up comedian or a nurse on a cruise ship. She admires Harriet Tubman, and loves to listen to Patti LaBelle, Kirk Whalum, Lalah Hathaway, and classic Motown artists.

  • Bishop K. Edwin Bryant

    Bishop Bryant describes himself as a servant, steward, and a strategist. He strives to leave a legacy of a good name for his family and admires Dr. Martin Luther King. He enjoys listening to new-soul music, switching to Notorious B.I.G for intense workouts, taking road trips with his family where he indulges in unhealthy snacks, and watching movies that dramatize the next move or scene in his life. If he had not become a pastor, Bishop Bryant says that he would be an author, executive, teacher, and a musician who plays regularly at the local night club.

  • Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon

    Bishop Brandon describes himself as one who loves people and makes positive dreams possible. He strives to leave a legacy of a good name and fortune for his family. He admires his spiritual father, Bishop Paul S. Morton, and enjoys listening to positive music or CNN News, which motivates him to stay fit for the cause of ministry. In his spare time, Bishop Brandon enjoys watching old westerns and comedies, and taking family vacations to their favorite destinations, including Puerto Rico, Miami, and Orlando, FL. If he had not become a pastor, Bishop Brandon says that he would have continued his career in the United States Air Force as a Substance Abuse Counselor, pursuing the chaplaincy, and becoming a four-star general.

  • Bishop Michael V. Kelsey

    Bishop Kelsey describes himself as a man of order, integrity, and love. He admires Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr., and enjoys listening and working out to Bishop Morton’s music. If he had not become a pastor, Bishop Kelsey says that he would have been an urban planner or an architect.


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Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.

Bishop Joseph Walker III
Presiding Bishop

Bishop Darryl S. Brister
Second Presiding Bishop

Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon
Third Presiding Bishop

Bishop Lester Love
Executive Secretary

Bishop Micheal Kelsey
Executive Treasurer

Bishop Oscar Brown
1st Assistant to Bishop Morton

Bishop Cheryl Brown
1st Assistant to Bishop Walker

Bishop David Cooper
Bishop of Southwestern Region

Bishop Gregory Cooper
Bishop of Southern Region

Bishop Greg Davis
National Revivalist

Bishop Lanier Twyman
Bishop of Mid-Atlantic Region

Bishop Simon Gordon
Bishop of Mid-Western Region

Bishop W. Oshea Granger
Bishop of Southern Atlantic Region

Bishop Jerry Hutchins
Bishop of Policy & Procedure

Bishop Albert Jamison
Council Bishop

Bishop Andy Lewter
Bishop of Christian Education

Bishop William Murphy, Jr.
Bishop of Intercessory Prayer & Fasting

Bishop Kenneth Robinson
Bishop of Northeast Central Region

Bishop Edward Stephens
Bishop of Regional Bishops & Central Region

Bishop Tommie Triplett
Bishop of Church Planning & Development

Bishop Johnny C. Withers
Bishop of Western Pacific Region



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Bishop K. Edwin Bryant
Chief Operating Officer

Minister Charles Sanders
Chief Financial Officer

Derrick Noble
Chief of Staff
Office of the Presiding Bishop

Marlinda Henry
International Director of Events & Planning

Maura Patterson
Membership Services Manager

Tish M. Wilson
Executive Assistant to the
Chief Operating Officer

Sis. Francis Holly
Information Specialist

Jannalyn Davis
Senior Operations Assistant to the
Bishop Of Corporate Administration

Bishop L. Reynard Catchings
Executive Liaison to B.O.A.
Headquarters Site Supervisor


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